HBN Triple hollow-cone spray nozzle

Triple nozzles are axial hollow-cone spray nozzles which are operated by the fluid pressure. Special grooves in three swirl bodies set the fluid in rotation which emerges at the nozzle bore as a triple hollow-cone vaporisation. Shortly after leaving the nozzle, the three streams dissolve into tiny droplets (<100 µm) and create the typical fine mist or aerosol which is characteristic for hollow-cone spray nozzles and then impacts upon a surface in the shape of a ring. This specific turbulence leads to a tight drop spectrum and results in a significantly increased drop surface of the vaporised medium and thereby a higher degree of efficiency.

  Application range

These are requirements for various applications, e.g. for process and object cooling, for humidification (air-conditioning) and in fire protection specifically in low-pressure water vapour fire extinguishing systems.

  Spray pattern and water distribution

In practice, with increasing spraying distance, the theoretical cone diameter will deviate somewhat due to external influences.

Therefore, borderline cases should be individually discussed in terms of practical application.

  Areas of application

Spraying characteristics Fine-spray nozzle with three hollow cones within one another
Installation position no restrictions
Operating pressure 4,0 bar … 16,0 bar
K-value 24 … 40 (± 5 %)
Drop spectrum Drop size < 100 μm
Effective horizontal distance approx. 3,5 m
Effective surface approx. 16 m2
Spray cone angle 1 inside 60° (± 5 %)
Spray cone angle 2 inside 100° (± 5 %)
Spray cone angle outside 140°(± 5 %)
Weight approx. 195 g
Application Object protection nozzle (any installation position possible)
Material nozzle bodies, nozzle inserts Brass Ms58
Material dirt trap Hemispherical form in stainless steel 1.4301
Pipe thread connection R 1“, AG with hexagonal connection SW


Calculate it for yourself

Simply determine by yourself, which nozzle fits to your needs. There are two ways:

Water flow rate (Q = K√p)
Q = l/min


Nozzle constant (K = Q/√p)
K =

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