Ecological fire protection which sets standards – low-pressure water vapour extinguishing system

  • Systematic size increase of the heat exchange surface ➝ optimal cooling effect
  • Faster heat extraction through vaporisation
  • Inertisation effect ➝ water vapour displaces atmospheric oxygen ➝ fire suffocation
  • Interruption of thermal radiation ➝ fast temperature reduction
  • Low water consumption
  • Few secondary damages

Our low-pressure water vapour extinguishing systems (ND-WLA) work with an operating pressure of 4 … 16 bar and function with the technical efforts of a conventional sprinkler system. The ND-WLA combines the highest degree of efficiency and ecology in fire protection and thereby offers solutions for complex fire protection challenges as well.

This water vapour extinguishing technology comes with an installed pipe network for building, room and device protection systems, especially for covered areas, such as in suspended ceilings or cable ducts.

Versatile know-how

Our nozzles are special precision nozzles (Herzog nozzles) which create a water drop size of ≤ 100 µm through their swirl plates depending on the flow pressure and thereby form water vapour. Depending on the specific needs, the system can be operated with a water pressure from 4 to 40 bar.

Water vapour technology is our know-how and it is extremely versatile as it can be adjusted to local and geometric conditions.

Calculate it for yourself

Simply determine by yourself, which nozzle fits to your needs. There are two ways:

Water flow rate (Q = K√p)
Q = l/min


Nozzle constant (K = Q/√p)
K =

Precision made in germany