HBN Mini hollow-cone spray nozzle

Mini nozzles are spiral or axial hollow cone nozzles with integrated disc filters operated by fluid pressure. Special grooves in a swirl body sets the fluid in rotation and emerges at the nozzle bore as a simple hollow-cone vaporisation. Shortly after leaving the nozzle, the stream dissolves into tiny droplets (<100 µm) and creates the typical fine mist which then impacts upon a surface in the shape of a ring. This specific turbulence results in a drop spectrum with an increased degree of efficiency.

  Application range

These are requirements for various applications, e.g. for process and object cooling, for dust trapping (coal power plants), humidification of goods (foods industry), for air humidification (air conditioning) and for especially for oil and fuel vaporisation.

  Spray pattern and water distribution

In practice, the theoretical cone diameter will deviate somewhat due to external influences.

Therefore, borderline cases should be individually discussed in terms of practical application.

  Technical data

Spraying characteristics Fine-spray nozzle with hollow cone
Installation position no restrictions
Operating pressure 4,0 bar … 16,0 bar
K-value 0,8 (±5 %)
Drop spectrum Drop size < 100 μm
Effective horizontal distance approx. 1 m
Effective surface approx. 1,7 m2
Spray cone angle 80° (± 5 %)
Filter integrated disc filter
Weight approx. 30 g
Application Object protection nozzle (any installation position possible)
Material nozzle bodies, nozzle inserts Brass Ms58
Pipe thread connection R 1⁄4” AG with hexagonal connection SW14 (DIN 2999)


Calculate it for yourself

Simply determine by yourself, which nozzle fits to your needs. There are two ways:

Water flow rate (Q = K√p)
Q = l/min


Nozzle constant (K = Q/√p)
K =

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